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And on bitter wings shall our days end, on the night where we forsake all that we once knew and forget the world that was once ours? No, the world shall not be forgotten, as it forgets us, and the night will pass like all nights do! Into day we shall fly! – Anonymous

The world of Eredhen was once a world filled with many beautiful natural wonders, sprawling cities, and vast empires.  The world used to be at peace.  Civilization had tamed most of the known world and peace had settled onto the land for the first time in a long time.  As most know, Civilizations and peace never last.


350 years ago, the world of Eredhen changed drastically.  The Emerald Enclave irrevocably changed the world.  The Enclave performed an ancient ritual in order to 'purify' the world and bring it back into a wild state as it was before the civilizations of the world had time to pillage it of its resources.  Something went wrong during the ritual and the Enclave accidentally opened up multiple unstable portals to the elemental planes.  The unstable portals poured forth elemental energies that began warping and changing the lands.  The Elemental Plane of Wood was the most devastating to the land.  The members of the Enclave themselves were flooded with the primal energy and were transformed into the first Silva.


The world now is overrun by vegetation.  Any land that was fertile enough to support plant life has been overrun and the civilizations of the old world are no more.  The survivors of the old world turned to magic and technology in order to save themselves from the encroaching vegetation.  Sky Cities now dot the skies of Eredhen and small towns and villages inhabit the less  hospitable regions of the world.


Those that are still alive have learned to steer clear of the great forests and jungles that now cover most of the world.  However, there are still those foolish or brave enough that travel the lands in hopes of uncovering treasures and relics of the past.


Eredhen - Herba Dominis

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