When  The Efflorescence occurred the Dwarves of Eredhen sealed their underground cities off to the world above.  They believed they would ride out the cataclysm in relative safety, but they were wrong.  The elemental energy from The Efflorescence seeped into the ground and the dwarves were soon beset by the very environment they thought would protect them.  The Dwarves survived but their once great empire is no more.  The Dwarves of Eredhen now live in heavily fortified city states within mountains and the earth.


The Dwarves are craftsman at heart and much of the technology today comes from the Dwarves.  They were the inventors of Blastpowder, Airship components, and much of the mundane technology used in the day to day thorough fair.  However, Dwarves have a healthy fear of being in the sky.  So it is very rare for them to actually make the journey to the various sky cities of Eredhen.


Mountain Dwarves:

The Mountain Dwarves live deep within the mountains of Eredhen working tirelessly at there massive underground forges.  Mountain Dwarves are deeply seated in their traditions and hardly ever leave their mountain strongholds.


Hill Dwarves:

The Hill Dwarves, known as Skaeghin (Skyborne), are the Dwarves who have bucked tradition and have settled outside their mountain strongholds.  Many settle the Sky Cities of Eredhen (Where their nickname is derived) and ply their artisan skills to create skyships.


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