Orcs and Half-Orcs

The orcs of Eredhen are much different to those of other settings.  The orcs at one point in the past were a society of raiders and marauders that harried the many towns and cities of the old world, but after The Efflorescence their race's societal culture changed.


The Orcs, fueled by their lust for battle and carnage, saw the appearance of the Empowered Animals and Silva as a means to challenge themselves.  They fought constantly against them and over time were causing their race to go extinct.


During this downward slide a Shaman named Theruk Wavecrasher began to teach the other Orcs that violence and wanton destruction would be the downfall of their people.  Many of the Orcs refused to listen to Theruk, but a small number did.  These Orcs isolated themselves from the ruination of the others and began to live with the land instead of against it.


These Orcs are now the prominent culture of their people, as the 'Old Culture' Orcs have slowly dwindled to almost nothing over the past 3 centuries.  They live as nomadic tribes led by their shaman leaders.


It is not uncommon for Wildling settlements to welcome Orc tribes and give them a permanent home.  The natural magic of the Orc Shamans is sought out by those settlements that remain on the surface of Eredhen.

Orcs and Half-Orcs

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